Growbx is a project, aiming for people in big cities to produce their own vegetables and herbs.

Automated, hydroponic gardening free from pesticides.

Imagine your balcony or your rooftop terrace greener, spicier and more edible.

What if you could eat better and healthier?

Would you like to reduce the amount of plastic and pesticides used for food?

Imagine a world where you have full freedom and control of your vegetables.

Imagine sharing a passion with the people you love.

Who are we?
Tommy T. Petersen

Tommy T. Petersen

Green-minded entrepreneur

Tommy is a green-minded entrepreneur, mad about bicycles and exploring the world together with his family. He is running a garden- and sustainable green landscaping business from the heart of Copenhagen.
Rune Leirvik Koch

Rune Leirvik Koch

Plant lover

Rune is the plant lover in the team. He brings seeds and new varieties from around the world back home to try them out in his hydroponic systems. It is all about finding the best methods in order to get the best results.
Fredrik Kinnunen

Fredrik Kinnunen

Marketing wiz

Fredrik is working with e-commerce and marketing, but is in his spare time devoted to finding the best herbs, tastes and recipes. Like building a marketing campaign, cooking is about the right ingredients.